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Types of Baseball / Softball Lessons

Private Lessons

1 hour: one-on-one instruction

 Not all players are the same, so we work on improving their specific needs.


1 hour: 2-3 players

 Same as private as the hour is desined to your needs.


1 hour: 6-8 (6 pitching max. 8 hitting max.)

Group lessons are a highly effective way of sharpening your skills.

Group hitting: multiple stations are set up in the form of circut training. As players rotate thoughout the hour they work on multiple aspects of their swing. While creating muscle memory they are also devolping strength!


Group pitching: mutiple drills through out the hour are designed to create a proper pitchers form as well as develope strength. Both are designed to keep the players arm healthy!

(Pitchers MUST bring a properly equiped catcher)


Catchers FREE

Team Training

Coach Sam will design a practice program to your teams needs.

Team coaches are welcome and encouraged to assit.


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