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I started training ball players in Friendswood, Texas back in 2006. I'm experinced in teaching all levels of baseball and fastpitch softball. I've lead teams from local through the elite levels. My best form of advertising, come from those that get to know me and my teachings. Players, Parents and Coaches trust me with their continued training needs as they see results!

The players and teams that put their time in seasonally prove to themselves that hard work does payoff in many ways. I'll continue to train players in a way to be stronger individuals on and off the field.

Coach Sam
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  • "Wow, the difference is amazing. He looks confident and is becoming a leader"- Meg E., Bordentown, NJ

"Coach Hustle", you wont be replaced

We will miss you- Buddy C.,Friendswood, TX

  • “Coach Sam and "The Barn", The absolute BEST - Joe H., New Egypt NJ.

  • "Sam trains players to be winners. He puts player development above profits." - Steve M. Colo, Georgetown, SC

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